Study in Czech Republic

czech-republic-large-thumbSo, after a lot of research and thinking, you have finally made your mind to pursue a career as a doctor in Europe. But now the questions still remain, what destination do you choose within Europe, what courses do you specialize in? It is definitely not an easy task as there are many types of medical studies such as General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary just to name a few, and on top of that there are several countries where you can actually study medicine and get a recognized degree in all over Europe such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France etc. Becoming a doctor in Europe is increasingly difficult with increased competition in medical universities, and this has led to most European universities setting up standardized entrance examinations to narrow the selection criteria. General Admission Criteria of Medical Universities in Europe
Candidate must have completed high school. Average grade point of high school living diploma.
For those coming from non English speaking country or without and international English recognized certificate must enter English test..
etters of recommendation from high school advisor and other faculty members. High Performance in entrance exams for chemistry and biology.
If you are looking for the Best Medical Universities with affordable fee structures then the central Europe is the best place to study Medicine and Dentistry. The top priority should be Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland while those looking for unparalleled academic excellence, should always look towards UK and Ireland. But apart from affordability and academic standards every student has unique concerns and we understand those.