Study in China

china-big-thumbThere is more to China then The Great Wall and that is why China has become one of the most popular destinations to study abroad. In 2013, more than 330,000 international students came from 180 different countries and numbers are still rising. Lets have a look on some main stream reasons that foreigners wants to study in China in these large number:
Affordability combined in terms of education and living in China is cheaper than many European countries including United States, Japan, Australia and many more. A tuition fee per semester is usually under 1000 US dollars, while in UK and US it goes up to 10,000 US dollars. From meal to residence monthly rent China is affordable.
A fun place to learn lots of languages. 885,000,000 people speak Mandarin Chinese, be a part of them learn mandarin and other languages in a great environment. Living is safe. Another great reason to study in China.
People are very warming hearted and enjoy telling you history of the country and their culture.
China serves a large part of multinational market so getting employed is easy.
Popular field of study? So many such as engineering, science, medicine, trade and many more. In cities like Shanghai or Beijing rent for a small apartment is around 250 to 300 US dollars a month and more lower in smaller cities.
While more world class Universities will be build soon in China as a part of their high quality education system. Degree from a Chinese institute is well recognized my most countries.
A culture older more than 5000 years, makes your stay full of excitement and if you are inclined towards some history research you might never want to go back home because one life might not be enough to know it all.
So have you made your mind to have meal on the streets of China and add experience to your education career? Contact us to answer all of your questions and help you with the most simple and easiest way possible.